In my 25+ years of brand building, there hasn't been a single company, large or small, which didn’t hope to authoritatively rule their patch of the urban jungle. In fact, no one has ever said, “Let us be eaten by our competition.”


There are so many wonderful companies, organizations and institutions in the world, offering an abundance of choices; it takes the ideal blend of brand attitude and fortitude to connect with your people. No matter what goods or services you are bringing to the world, let me help you cultivate your patrons’ first consideration.

We all want to be the lions.
Let me help you roar. SM


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“Do you really do all of this work yourself?” they ask me. Most of the time, "Yes." My agency is a consultancy first, and then your creative,  marketing and public relations departments once the scope and scale of your project is envisioned. I handle most projects, start to finish, myself, specializing in the core, brand-building process. Other specialists I work with include photographers, illustrators, designers, web developers, videographers, PR professionals, and my trusted print, outdoor and broadcast vendors, who are as much a part of the creative team as anyone else. I love an honest pressman who says to me, “That’s going to be tough to pull off.”


My deliverables and experience include: logo design, stationery packages, web design and development, full collateral packages (pocket folders, brochures, rack cards, post cards, etc.), outdoor and environmental (billboards, signage, interior/exterior retail graphics), direct-to-consumer campaigns, social marketing campaigns, broadcast (radio and TV concepts, scripting, storyboarding), event marketing and production, retail packaging, and public relations.


Strategy is learned and practiced. Intuition and Creativity come from the Great Spirit in the Sky. Experience amplifies the collective, brand-building power of all three. For more information about me, please click my photo. Thank you.

Logos are the most indelible form of commercial art, the cornerstone of your brand. Over time, depending on what kind of greatness you’re offering to the world, brands can break free from the boundaries of your business and become a part of the social and corporate landscape. People crave authentic connection. If your customers are loyal to your company and your brand, give them a logo they will be proud to embrace, wear, tweet and proselytize. They are, after all, the most effective sales force you’ll ever have.

“Everything has a balance point,” he said. “Everything. Planets, rocks — even relationships. Whether it has mass or not, it has a balance point.”

When was the last time you picked up a phone directory to look up a company listing? Search engines are now where businesses compete for prospects. When their fingers 'do the walking,' they're scrolling, clicking and landing on your first impression. If your website feels like it's stuck in small, rigid, out-dated code, it's time for a refacing. The web is now the center stage of your brand expression. Publish something extraordinary.

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